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Education News Roundup

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California Education News Roundup


The California Education News Roundup is a daily publication that highlights news coverage and commentary addressing California educational policy, educational reform, and related items of interest to California's educational justice community. While most of the articles included address statewide developments, the News Roundup also features selected local education stories -- particularly those that highlight the state's involvement with a local issue, coverage of a school district with wide impact, or local advocacy campaigns/actions. Finally, the Roundup includes selected national stories that may affect California educational policy/reform.

The News Roundup's daily edition, as well as archived editions starting September 2004, are available on the JustSchools California News page. (Please note that links to original news sources contained in the archived editions may no longer be "live" at the time of viewing. The full article may be retrieved by visiting the original news outlet's web site and searching its archives.) The News Roundup is also available via e-mail subscription upon request. To subscribe, please write to Claudia Bustamante at bustamante@gseis.ucla.edu and include the following information:

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Our ultimate goal is to make this service as useful as possible to JustSchoolsCalifornia visitors and News Roundup subscribers. As such, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to write to JustSchools@gseis.ucla.edu with your questions, comments and subscription requests. Thank you.

-- News Roundup editors